Peppermint Meltaways

Christmas is now less than a month away! Are you ready? We are slowly getting there over here in our little home. There’s an abundance of frosted greenery, little trees, and fake snow in our living room making it feel cozy like Christmas…oh and our stockings are hung (thanks to the two random but perfectly placed nails in the wall)! We have my nephew’s birthday next weekend but will be getting our tree shortly after!

With Christmas fast approaching, I am desperately trying to nail down my holiday baking list. This last has changed numerous times as I keep saying so many new recipes that look oh so delicious. I like to gift away baking and I find cookies are the way to go! There are so many different recipes out there for Christmas cookies; they can be the easiest, pretty, and package up nicely!

Last year, I boxed up a Christmas cookie mixture to give to our previous landlords and some family members, I included these melt-in-your-mouth Peppermint Meltaways from Cooking Classy. I had never made melt away cookies before but I think I can safely say they are now a favourite!

I’m not a big fan of Peppermint so I figured I’d end up gifting all of them away…but I struggled with not keeping them all! They are so good! The super soft cookie literally just melts in your mouth and the sweet peppermint frosting adds a little crunch with the crushed candy canes…mmm…they are heavenly! They were a hit and will definitely be included in my holiday baking collection!

Peppermint Meltaways


1 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup cornstarch
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup unsalted butter, softened
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp peppermint extract

2 tbsp salted butter, softened
2 tbsp half & half
1/4 tsp peppermint extract
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1/4 cup finely crushed candy cane


  1. In a mixing bowl, whisk together flour, cornstarch, and salt. Set aside.
  2. In an electric stand mixer bowl, fitted with the paddle attachment, cream together butter and powdered sugar until combined. Mix in peppermint extract. Turn down speed to low and slowly, add in the flour mixture until just combined. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and chill until firm, roughly an hour.
  3. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F. Using a TBSP measuring spoon, scoop dough out 1 tbsp at a time and shape into a ball and onto an un-greased baking sheet. Space cookies out 2 inches apart and make sure to keep dough chilled, if you are not using it. Bake cookies until they are set and bottoms are lightly golden, about 10-13 minutes. Let cookies cool on baking sheets for at least 10 minutes before transferring to cooling rack.
  4. To make the frosting: In an electric stand mixer bowl, fitted with the paddle attachment, cream together butter, half & half, peppermint extract, and powdered sugar until light and fluffy. Frost cookies one at a time and sprinkle crushed candy cane on top immediately after frosting. Enjoy!

Recipe Source: Cooking Classy


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